DTS Evening Bible School

Disciple Training School 

Register for Evening Bible School or our online Bible School here.

The evening Bible school in Helsingborg right now does not have a course planned.

The online Bible school starts on March 8, 2023 and is available on our channel "Kvällsbibelskolan Sverige", Playlist "12 subject, DTS Evening Bible School v. 2.0".

Register today for those of you who want to attend the physical school on Tuesdays in Helsingborg so that we can find a place and suitable date to start.

To follow us online, we need your registration to know that you are participating and to follow you in the tests and rehearsals that you follow. When you show through completed tests that you are following along and can receive a diploma after 12 completed courses with completed tests.

Registration for evening Bible school, Helsingborg
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