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Do you yearn for more in your Christian life and not least for a personal immersion in the Bible word, but have limited time for study?

With DTS evening Bible school, we want to offer you Bible education that broadens perspectives, deepens one's own life of faith and guides in how to serve other people. This in an environment of good Bible-based teaching where there is also the opportunity to exchange thoughts with other course participants. Is this something you are longing for and looking for? Then DTS evening Bible school is for you.

The teaching is given during one evening per week during a period of time. The entire program contains 12 main courses that can be completed over the course of a year (the number of courses may vary from year to year). You can start at any time during the year as each course is independent and you have the opportunity to take individual courses of your choice. Easier course material is distributed at the start of each course and ends with a short test. The same material is available in the description under each video when you follow online, as well as a link to the current test (questionnaire). If you have passed all twelve courses, you will receive a diploma at the end.

Main courses

Each of the twelve courses is completed in one evening consisting of two 40-minute lessons. You can read it all together over 12 weeks or split it up in installments. Each course ends with a written exam. Focusing on your discipleship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The courses

The reality of the new creation
The name Jesus
God's Word on health and success
Blood alliance
Growing faith
Being led by the Holy Spirit
Faith and patience
The strength of your profession of faith
Victorious successful prayer
The Holy Spirit and His Gifts and Ministries
To serve as a disciple in the congregation

Register today and we can find a suitable opportunity for you to start one of the courses. We are starting a new course on March 8, 2023, Online.

Right now there is no scheduled start, but you can watch our Online Evening Bible School, answer the questions, which there is a link to in the current video and sign up (so we know you are following our online course).

En kvällsbibelskola som är öppen för alla