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Do you yearn for more in your Christian life and not least for a personal immersion in the Bible word, but have limited time for study?

With DTS evening Bible school, we want to offer you Bible education that broadens perspectives, deepens one's own life of faith and guides in how to serve other people. This in an environment of good Bible-based teaching where there is also the opportunity to exchange thoughts with other course participants. Is this something you are longing for and looking for? Then DTS evening Bible school is for you.

The teaching is given during one evening per week during the period September to May. (See current dates and times below). The entire program spans two semesters and the number of courses varies from year to year. You need to register separately for both autumn and spring semesters. Easier course material is distributed for each subject and ends with a short test. If you have passed the whole year, you will receive a diploma at the end.


During the fall semester, we entered into your walk in faith and what you have received through the Holy Spirit, to work in wisdom and for edification. To understand the new creation in Christ Jesus. Our personal discipleship to the Master.

The spring term is characterized more by our discipleship in going out and sharing the good we have received. Not least in understanding the gifts to serve each other and in serving the Lord.

Among the topics where brings up

  • Believe
  • The reality of the new creation
  • The name Jesus
  • Discipleship
  • The baptism
  • Prayer a lifestyle
  • Growing faith
  • Being led by the Holy Spirit
  • Faith and patience
  • The gifts of grace
  • The gifts of service
  • Serving gifts
  • To go out
  • Mission

Register today so you don't miss the start of the course, which is on August 29 and until December 5, 2023. The spring semester starts on January 16 and April 30, 2024.

En kvällsbibelskola som är öppen för alla

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