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Evening Bible School DTS

Do you long for more in your Christian life and not least for a personal immersion in the Bible word, but have limited time for study?

With DTS evening bible school, we want to offer you bible teaching that broadens perspectives, deepens your own faith life and guides you in how to serve other people. This in an environment of good Bible-based teaching where it is also possible to exchange thoughts with other course participants. Is this something you long for and are looking for? Then DTS evening bible school is for you. More info about the course itself.

Teaching is given one weekday evening per week during the period September to May. The entire program contains 12 main courses that are completed in one year. You can start at any time during the year as each course is independent and you have the opportunity to take individual courses of your choice. Simpler course material is distributed at each course start and ends with a short test. If you have passed all twelve courses, you will finally receive a diploma.

Tuesday @ 7 PM

After Work Prayer

Praying always helps, far more important than anything else. A hallmark of the church is that we pray a lot. Everything needs to be born in prayer and without asking we do not get an answer. Pray and you will receive.

As a conclusion to the day's work, we offer once a week After Work Prayer at 4 pm, when most people quit their jobs. Many go out with colleagues after work, why not do the same and give a moment of prayer to the Lord.

Wednesday @ 4 PM

Inspiration Night

For inspiration and encouragement, for restoration and healing. This evening we set aside much time for worship, prayer, and the teaching of the Word of God. With a goal to see people's lives changed by the touch of the Holy Spirit.

It is during these evenings that we have experienced many wonderful and liberating touches of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

Come and participate these evenings with a longing for more of the Father's goodness and touch in your life through the Holy Spirit. Expect healing and liberation from the links that hold you back.

Friday @ 7 PM & 10 PM

Worship Service

Every Sunday we share fellowship in celebrating the Lord's resurrection as we meet for worship. With hymns, worship, prayer and teaching.

With joy in our hearts to come to the house of God. "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, into his courts with praise, thank him, praise his name. For the Lord is good; his mercy endureth for ever, and his truth from generation to generation." (Ps. 100: 4-5)

There are also meetings for children during our services. Contact us for more information.

Sunday @ 11 AM, 1 PM & 4 PM