About Us

Inspires people to find a spiritual home and grow as a disciple.

A spiritual home for the believer to grow up to be a disciple in the church and to serve the Lord. A home where everyone should be able to feel at home regardless of nationality and background. In that we want to glorify the Father by being disciples of Jesus and following in his footsteps. Led by the Holy Spirit in purity and obedience to the Word.

With a clear and distinct vision to preach the power of the cross for salvation and restoration. In a familiar and warm atmosphere with an international touch, where both English and Swedish are the natural languages. Both in conversation and in teaching. In order to include and inspire to learn both new cultures and what scripture has to give us with its wisdom and insight. This through church services, home groups, Bible school and Sunday school for the children as well as inspiration evenings for young people. Come and join in building God's kingdom in Helsingborg, together with us.

Our History


Proclaim the message of the cross for salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration in Christ Jesus, through the gifts, powers and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

A living church that is a spiritual home for its members with a holistic view of the whole person (body, soul and spirit). Who actively train disciples to live a victorious Christian life in everyday life and to serve, both locally and in mission internationally. An activity that is based on God's Word as a foundation in everything we do.





The fall of 2008 began with meetings once a month in the Sion church at Planteringen, as well as regular prayer gatherings on Tuesdays in the homes. Based on employees in the media mission in Denmark, based in Helsingör and Billesholm.

Over time, several people from Northwest Skåne joined and in October 2012 it became relevant to take the next step to officially become a local congregation in Helsingborg.

More precisely, on the third of October we have been Victory Center, International Revival Church Helsingborg, a Full Evangelical church.

In the spring of 2019, we took the step to also start up our Bible school, which is run as an Evening Bible School on Tuesday evenings. Starting in 2023, we collaborate with the student association Bilda in implementing the Bible school.

Over the years, we have been housed at various addresses in Helsingborg such as Lördagsgatan, Rundgången, HD-Huset and Studentboendet Olympias Aula. Then in the spring to share premises with Ramlösakyrkan.

Fantastic how the Lord has always led us in the work with the congregation in the different phases. Looking forward with great confidence and trust in God's continued guidance in the Holy Spirit for the church's activity and growth. Many have been within the congregation over the years, but we have grown into a strong and faithful group of 30 members - disciples - today.



Happy Members