About Us

Inspires people to find a spiritual home and grow as a disciple.

When God called us to establish a prayer altar in Helsingborg, this was our purpose and goal in the beginning. After a while, it became a natural continuation of the work to establish a congregation.

A spiritual home for the believer to grow up to be a disciple in the church and to serve the Lord. A home where everyone should be able to feel at home regardless of nationality and background. In that we want to glorify the Father by being disciples of Jesus and following in his footsteps. Led by the Holy Spirit in purity and obedience to the Word.

We ourselves have a background from Christian television in Scandinavia and mission. The call to lead and establish a congregation in Helsingborg slowly grew in our hearts. What we see today is a wonderful testimony of what God's faithfulness is. When we dare to take steps in faith in what he shows.

Our History


Proclaim the message of the cross for salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration in Christ Jesus, through the gifts, powers and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

A living church that is a spiritual home for its members with a holistic view of the whole person (body, soul and spirit). Who actively train disciples to live a victorious Christian life in everyday life and to serve, both locally and in mission internationally. An activity that is based on God's Word as a foundation in everything we do.





On the third of October this year, the local congregation Victory Center in Helsingborg was proclaimed. This in a neighborhood on Lördagsgatan in Adolfsberg.

During the autumn of this year, we had the opportunity to hold our services in the Auditorium behind the dormitory at Ö. Vallgatan in Central Helsingborg. On the same time, the formation of the community International Revival Church began, which we also became part of in 2014.

After being back on Lördagsgatan for a while, we now had the opportunity to use the premises in HD-Huset some days a week.

The evening Bible school DTS was started with one evening a week.

In April, we had the opportunity to welcome our congregation to permanent premises that we could freely use every day of the week. Now we also saw a cautious growth and stability in the church that we lacked before.



Happy Members