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DTS Evening Bible School

Disciple Training School 

Course plan for Evening Bible School, Victory Center Helsingborg

No course planned at the moment, we'll get back to you!

Course schedule Online Bible School, Evening Bible School Sweden:

You will find the current subjects under the playlist "12 Subject, DTS Evening Bible School v. 2.0" on the channel: "Kvällsbibelskola Sverige" The DTS Online.

Academic year 2023

Starting on March 8

Faith, Your Key, (March 7)
The New Creation, (March 14)
The name Jesus, (March 21)

Discipleship, (date coming)
Healing, (date coming)

Being led by led Holy Spirit
Successful prayer a lifestyle
Service gifts
In the footsteps of Jesus
The congregation
The gifts of grace

The dates in parentheses are during the time the course is held or published on our online channel. When you have completed at least 12 of the courses, you are entitled to a diploma, so don't forget to register.

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